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Asian Deaf Women's Association

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Aims and Objectives


  • To set up support groups for D/deaf a women and girls;
  • To provide Deaf Awareness training for hearing families of D/deaf child / children;
  • To expand basic education;
  • To establish Asian D/deaf Link for girls;
  • To reduce isolation faced by many D/deaf women / girls



To promote the relief of Asian Deaf women of,  Asian Descent living in London and to assist such women to realise their full potential to lead fulfilling lives by he provision of service.


Assist Asian Deaf women to obtain their rights and privileges as citizens.


To provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation for Asian D/deaf women living in London in the interest of Social welfare with the objective of improving their condition of life.


Securing funds and employing staff to provide support and independently living skills as well as promoting the right of Deaf people in the community.

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